Lighting breakdown - Gravity demo

I've been asked about the lighting setup from the raytracing demo I posted, so I though to post it here if anyone is interested:

Berserkr on Blender Nation header and weekly spotlight!

My Berserkr got featured in the weekly spotlight and on the banner of Blender Nation! 2 birds with one stone!

Bo-Bot Drone feature on Blendernation!

Bo-Bot has been featured in! 

Flying high little fella!!

CTAC Helmet - Altered Carbon 003

High poly mesh completed, ready to bake and paint!

CTAC Helmet - Altered Carbon 002

Started to model the high poly details for the bake, just the top of the helmet for now

CTAC Helmet - Altered Carbon 001

New week, new project! I've just finished the beautiful series Altered Carbon, so I thought I'd give a go modelling the CTAC helmet since is cool as!

here is what I've got so far:

Update 03 - Texturing - Dorky's friend!

Started the texturing process:

Update 02 - Dorky's friend!

High poly mesh done!

Update on Dorky's friend!

Update on the new bot, the design changed drastically:

Dorky's friend!

Hey all! Im starting a new drone to keep Dorky company, he was feeling all moody poor him!

I'm not super convinced of the design though, so I expect heavy changes for the final design

Stay tuned!